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The following are some comments from our counseling clients who live around Northwest Arkansas.

"I've known Andy for a little over eight years. He's a member of the church that I serve as Discipleship/Shepherding Pastor. As a professional family counselor, he's outstanding in his field. He is kind, gracious, and empathetic which makes him approachable and affable. His education, experience, and knowledge give him the skills to address a wide range of family and personal issues. I've been to Still Waters to visit his practice. It's in a great location just west of I-49. It's also a comfortable and inviting environment. I've referred people to Still Waters trusting that they will be in great hands and will receive excellent counseling."
Pastor John Mueller - University Baptist Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Andrew Cooper and his team are absolutely amazing. I have been referring couples, singles, and individuals for years. Everyone walks away saying, "Thank you". I'm a church planter and leadership coach, not a counselor. Knowing that Andrew and his team are counseling families from Thrive Christian Church helps me sleep at night because I know they are not only cared for but, they are receiving effective help through tough situations. Go to them and refer your friends to call them."
Pastor Michael Brown - Thrive Christian Church - Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Genuinely effective, counseling, designed to work within a set period of time. Based on eternal values, not trendy self-help. Deals with real issues, helping a person to get to the source (or sources) of issues, and how to overcome or manage them. Highly recommend. "
Pastor Rex H. Griffin - First Baptist Church, Elkins, Arkansas


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