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Pornography and Sexual Addiction Counseling Services

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Still Waters Family Counseling has counselors and therapists who specialize in Pornography and Sexual Addiction in Fayetteville, AR. Pornography use and Sexual Addiction can destroy marriages and couple relationships. Many Couples begin the counseling process due to a Pornography or Sexual Addiction. Success is very possible for those who want to stop a Pornography or Sexual Addiction.

Still Waters Family Counseling is unique in its ability to offer counselors who hold Masters Degrees in Marriage & Family Counseling/Therapy, allowing them to fully address the effects of Sexual Addiction on the Client and their Spouse.

If you know someone who is suffering from Pornography use or Sexual Addiction, allow one of our licensed counselors to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.

List of Common Sexual Addiction Symptoms

  • Risky Pornography Viewing (using Work or Family Computer)

  • Continuing Sexual Behavior despite Negative Consequences (e.g. broken relationships)

  • Increasing Severity or Frequency of Sexual Behavior to achieve desired effect

  • Frustration when kept from Sexual Interests

  • Unable to stop, despite desire to do so

  • Neglecting Work, School, Home and pursuing Sexual Interests

Sexual Addiction Counselors

Andrew Cooper
Licensed Professional Counselor

Addictions are hard to break, because the addictive behavior has not only become the "go to" coping skill, but commonly will be associated with dependence on chemicals naturally produced in your body. I work with persons who struggle with various sorts of addictions, on the mild to moderate level. If a person is more than moderately addicted, they may need more intensive intervention through inpatient services. The areas which I have worked most frequently include male sex addiction (pornography, etc.), gambling, and alcohol addiction.

Andrew is the Owner and Clinical Director of Still Waters Family Counseling. He received a Master's Degree from Southwestern Seminary in Marriage & Family Counseling in 2004.

Populations Served: Couples, Adults, Teens, Older Children, Elders

Accepts Insurance: Yes

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Curt Matzenbacher
Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Associate Counselor

I believe we all struggle with addictions of one sort or another over the course of our lives. The key to breaking the addictive cycle is to not only eliminate the negative behavior, but to also find healthier behaviors to take their place. I would like to help you accomplish this as well as addressing underlying issues that may have contributed to your addiction in the first place. One of my top priorities in this process is to provide a safe environment where you can do this.

Curt Matzenbacher received his Masters of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy in 2013.

Populations Served: Couples, Young Children, Adults, Elders

Accepts Insurance: No

Cash Rate: $80 / session

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