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Our Licensed Counselors hold degrees in Marriage & Family Counseling, in Marriage & Family Therapy, and in Professional Counseling.

christian counselor

Andrew Cooper, LPC
MA in Marriage & Family Counseling
Clinical Supervisor

christian counselor

Peter Duncan, LPC, LMFT
MS in Marriage & Family Therapy
Clinical Supervisor

christian couples counselor

Jennifer D. Faddis, LPC
MS in Community Counseling

christian marriage therapist

Curt Matzenbacher, LPC, LAMFT
MS in Community Counseling
and Marriage & Family Therapy

Counseling Services


"Andrew Cooper and his team are absolutely amazing. I have been referring couples, singles, and individuals for years. Everyone walks away saying, "Thank you". I'm a church planter and leadership coach, not a counselor. Knowing that Andrew and his team are counseling families from Thrive Christian Church helps me sleep at night because I know they are not only cared for but, they are receiving effective help through tough situations. Go to them and refer your friends to call them."
Pastor Michael Brown - Thrive Christian Church - Fayetteville, Arkansas

"Genuinely effective, counseling, designed to work within a set period of time. Based on eternal values, not trendy self-help. Deals with real issues, helping a person to get to the source (or sources) of issues, and how to overcome or manage them. Highly recommend. "
Pastor Rex H. Griffin - First Baptist Church, Elkins, Arkansas

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