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Children's Counseling Services

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Still Waters Family Counseling has counselors who specialize in treatment of Children's Issues in Fayetteville, AR. If your child is challenged with Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Aggression, Non-Communication, Isolation, Anger, Impulsiveness, or Hyperactivity, you need to consider counseling as part of your child's treatment plan. Overall, a child's treatment is determined by how bothersome the symptoms are for the child. Our counselors use various assessments to help determine the best plan for therapy.

As you consider the counseling piece of your child's treatment, consider one of our counselors as part of your treatment plan.

Common Childhood Counseling Issues

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anger
  • Defiance
  • School Problems
  • Isolation
  • Sudden Changes in Behavior

Children's Counselors

Andrew Cooper
Licensed Professional Counselor

Andrew is the Owner and Clinical Director of Still Waters Family Counseling. He received a Master's Degree from Southwestern Seminary in Marriage & Family Counseling in 2004.

Andrew is licensed as a Professional Counselor. Andrew regularly speaks to groups at churches and teaches groups on numerous topics, including relationships, parenting, and family dynamics. Andy is married and has four young children. He is an active member of a Fayetteville church.

Populations Served: Adults, Teens, Older Children, Elders

Accepts Insurance: Yes

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Curt Matzenbacher
Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Associate Counselor

I utilize play therapy with children starting at age 2 to learn the skills necessary to slow down and pay attention. I also address issues that may be co-occurring with the attention or impulse control problems, such as anxiety or depression. By creating an environment in which the client feels safe to express themselves while maintaining structure, I am able to create a place wherein the child can learn coping and assertiveness skills while remaining true to him or herself. With adults, I use talk therapy along with "assignments" for use throughout the week that allow the client to practice the skills learned in therapy in the real world.

Curt Matzenbacher received his Masters of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy in 2013.

Populations Served: Young Children, Adults, Elders

Accepts Insurance: No

Cash Rate: $80 / session

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