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Anger Management Services

Fayetteville, Arkansas

anger counseling in fayetteville ar

Still Waters Family Counseling has counselors and therapists who specialize in Anger Management and treatment of unhealthy anger in Fayetteville, AR. If you or a loved one is suffering from verbal abuse, manipulative tendencies, Aggressive Behavior, or Judgemental Anger, allow one of our licensed counselors to help you or your loved one find hope and resolution.

Unhealthy Anger Symptoms

Anger Counseling should be considered when a person's anger interferes with their life, or hurts other people. Unhealthy, or dysfunctional anger, is out of proportion for the situation, not an appropriate response in the given situation, and can be destructive to yourself or others. Getting angry too often may also indicate the need for anger counseling.

  • Aggressive Behavior - road rage, throwing things, wrestling/fighting due to anger

  • Resentment - unable to let go/forgive, results in blaming or ill-will thoughts

  • Judgemental - critical for your benefit, and hurts the person being criticized

  • Manipulative - use of angry feelings or actions to control other's actions or choices

  • Passive-Aggressive - a pattern of emotional coldness or sarcasm used to "attack the other", often covertly

  • Repressed - unleashing anger on yourself, leading to Depression or self-harm

Healthy Anger

Anger can be a healthy emotion. Anger is appropriate when correcting an injustice. Here are a few characteristics of Healthy Anger:

  • Socially Acceptable given the context of the conversation or environment

  • Proportionate to the trigger event

  • Responsive to an immediate need or danger

Anger Counselors

Curt Matzenbacher
Licensed Associate Marriage & Family Therapist
Licensed Professional Counselor

I would like to come alongside you, the client, as you process your anger. I consider anger to be a second-tier emotion, usually a defensive "fight" reaction to a perceived threat. I will help you find ways to control these reactions while finding more healthy and effective ways of expressing wants and needs. One of my highest priorities is providing an environment where it is safe for you to accomplish this.

Curt Matzenbacher received his Masters of Science in Community Counseling and Marriage & Family Therapy in 2013.

Populations Served: Young Children, Adults, Elders

Accepts Insurance: No

Cash Rate: $80 / session

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Andrew Cooper
Licensed Professional Counselor

Many people struggle with controlling anger, both men and women. I have found anger is closely related to not feeling in control of life's stresses. I initially assess a person's level of anger, and any possible mood related issues which cause or exacerbate the issue. I assign homework, and also help educate the client on the anger cycle. I teach the client how to manage their anger better, so that it improves relationships, including at the workplace, with the family and in their marriage.

Andrew is the Owner and Clinical Director of Still Waters Family Counseling. He received a Master's Degree from Southwestern Seminary in Marriage & Family Counseling in 2004.

Populations Served: Couples, Adults, Teens, Older Children, Elders

Accepts Insurance: Yes

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