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Our Licensed Counselors hold degrees in Marriage & Family Counseling, in Marriage & Family Therapy, and in Professional Counseling.

christian counselor

Andrew Cooper, LPC
MA in Marriage & Family Counseling
Clinical Supervisor

christian counselor

Peter Duncan, LPC, LMFT
MS in Marriage & Family Therapy
Clinical Supervisor

christian couples counselor

Jennifer D. Faddis, LPC
MS in Community Counseling

christian marriage therapist

Curt Matzenbacher, LPC, LMFT
MS in Community Counseling
and Marriage & Family Therapy

christian anxiety counselor

Bill Burnett, PhD
Doctorate in Counseling

Counseling Services


"Our marriage was at a terrible place. My husband and I felt like roommates, and we were only staying together for the kids. We knew we needed to fix our marriage, but we didn't know how. Thank you for showing us how."
Married Couple - Fayetteville, AR

"Anxiety was something that ran in the family, so we were told to just "live with it". Coming here, I have learned how to manage it so it doesn't control me."
20 yr. Old College Student - Fayetteville, AR

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